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Brady Bunch: Running Scared in Virginia - Gun Debate [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Gun Debate

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Brady Bunch: Running Scared in Virginia [Jan. 20th, 2008|12:19 pm]
Gun Debate


(X-posted to guns)
A while back, I hopped on the Brady Bunch website to leave them some snarkage about one piece or another of stupidity. They only allow you to post, if you register. This means that I now get all the action alerts from the Brady Bunch, and the Misguided Mommies. This led to me being called last fall about the six-month anniversary of Tech, with urgent requests to Do Something. I had a lot of fun telling the caller that I'm the Northern VA Community College chapter chair, for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

Anyway, so this just landed in my inbox [my snarkage and comments in brackets]:

URGENT: Help Close the [actually non-existent] Gun Show Loophole!
Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Criminals
[and legit buyers who don't want the gummint knowing what they have]

Dear Virginia Brady Campaign Member,

The 2008 Virginia state legislative session has hit the ground running, and on Monday SB 109 will come up for a vote in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. [Note that the equivalent house committee has already gutted, skinned, and roasted their version on Friday] This life-saving [Do tell. Odds of saving a life = approximately odds of someone needing expensive surgery, hitting the PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery] piece of legislation would require background checks on all [as opposed to, say, 99.9% of] gun purchasers at gun shows. Members of the Committee need to know that you want them to pass this life-saving bill.

Tell them: "As a Virginia citizen, I urge you to support SB 109. Closing the gun show loophole will help prevent prohibited people from buying guns."

Ken Cuccinelli (804) 698-7537
[My Senator. At least as pro-gun as I am]
Creigh Deeds (804) 698-7525
[Typical VA Democrat - more pro-gun than Yankee Republicans]
John Edwards (804) 698-7521 [NRA A]
Thomas Norment (804) 698-7503 [NRA D]
Frederick Quayle (804) 698-7513  [NRA C]
William Reynolds (804) 698-7520 [NRA A Rated]
Kenneth Stolle (804) 698-7508
[RINO, occasionally votes right (NRA C-)]

[Looks to me like the committee as a whole rates as a solid B.]

There is currently an extremely dangerous loophole in Virginia's gun law that allows criminals, the adjudicated mentally ill, and would-be terrorists to purchase guns at gun shows…no questions asked…no background check. We know that background checks stop criminals from buying guns: in 2005, the Virginia State Police reported that background checks by licensed dealers prevented 2,668 illegal gun transactions by prohibited purchasers in Virginia.

Here is what you can do today:

1. Call the key Senators listed above on the Courts of Justice Committee
Tell them: "As a Virginia citizen, I urge you to support SB 109. Closing the gun show loophole will help prevent prohibited people from buying guns".

2. Forward this e-mail to friends, family, and colleagues in Virginia

3. Click here to contribute to our efforts in Virginia and across the country.

To get involved in the gun violence prevention movement in Virginia, please contact your local Virginia Million Mom March Chapter and Virginians Against Handgun Violence.

We must close the gun show loophole! Please call these Senators today.

[Busted link to tiff of the hag's signature]
Sarah's Signature [image]Sarah Brady, Chair

Bwahahahahaaaaaa....   I'll be sure to tell Ken about this when I talk to him on Monday.